Cloud 9 Events

Sheep St
Bicester Oxfordshire
United Kingdom
OX26 6JW
Tel : 0203 794 8155

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Wedding Day
I was helping to plan my best friend's wedding day, we were looking online for local events hire company. We came across Cloud 9 Events, they did everything and more. I was so grateful and happy to see my best friend have a magical day. Thank you so much to Cloud 9, the day was brilliant!
By   Meghan Jane
Wedding Party!
I was left in charge to help create a wedding party for my friend. I cam across Cloud 9 Events on the internet, the guys did a great job! The services they provided were fantastic, and really contributed in making the day special. Thank you so much Cloud 9 Events
By   Betty Jones
16th Birthday Party
It was my daughter's 16th birthday and my close friend recommended 'Cloud 9 Events' as they were local to us in High Wycombe. My daughter wanted everything and more, which was offered on their website, and that's exactly what we did. I would just like to say a massive thank you to 'Cloud 9 Event's for really helping me make my daughter's birthday a special one.
By   Jenny Jones